Friday, 20 April 2012

definately a good time to blog.

Fate. What is it? Do you believe it?
I do.

Fate is basically saying that everything happens for a reason. I strongly believe that it does. The time, the place, the people, everything leads down to fate.

Life is a journey and there are so many struggles along the way. I am young, but I have had experiences where my life has been so low. It is always me, never anybody else, bad things always happen to me. Maybe that's karma. Although what for? I'm generally a nice person... Anyway.

My mind has not stopped thinking about fate tonight and I'm so confused if what happened tonight was fate or what? Why did it happen? Did it happen as a test for myself or so that I basically go back to where I was 4/5 months ago.

- Confused Hannah X

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Society has changed.

Society is so messed up. We live in a world were every thing we say could be a lie, were we need proof to back up the so called "truth". Our generation are living 10 years ahead of themselves.

In the 1990's children were playing with trains and dolls, not guns and makeup. I truely hate how everything is changing, and despite the fact I was 5 when the 90's ended, those 5 years were something to be cherished. My four year old cousin has an iPod, she has been using an iPhone from she was two years old. Apart from this conveying her extreme intelligence, I would rather she play with a pretend phone...

I estimate that by 2020 there will be no imagination, and yes, that does scare me :( Will children be asked to write stories while in primary school using that vast imagination of theirs? Or will they be asked to write reviews on electronics. I really despise how everything is away ahead of it's time.

Why do I find people my age (which is seventeen) going out to clubs and bars acceptable? I know that it isn't, but personally, I wouldn't mind going there as well. However, fourteen year olds going to clubs? Hell, I was still playing on Stardoll at fourteen. What is the big rush to grow up? We are still in our youth, however the new generation of youth are not going to be like us at all.

My amazing Grandmother always tells me how she was 13 and working in a factory - day in day out, giving all of her wages to her mother, enabling her to provide for her thirteen children. Now a days, it would be seen as crazy to give your parents a small part of your income from your part time job. It should not be seen as crazy at all.

My lovely Grandfather also tells me that he left for the police at a young age, working all of his life, providing for himself, his wife and his children. To this day, my Grandfather would go to the moon and beyond to ensure that everyone around him was happy.

Sadly, I can picture the children of today, growing old and it does not resemble my grandparents lives in any way. I think it beautiful how my grandparents grew old and I wish I could live in the era that they did. I don't think the youth of today will ever appreciate the value of life, which in itself is upsetting. Instead of working from their teenage years, they will be living by the moto "YOLO" and doing whatever they want, regretting nothing. Honestly, I do not want my siblings, cousins, children, grandchildren to be living in this type of world.

I want it to change, dramatically. And as soon as possible too.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The weather for St. Patrick's day was especially beautiful. I woke at noon (after 3 days of no sleep!) and the sun was splitting the cherry blossom tree outside of my window. It was great to see a good day!

It made me think of summer! I planned a "MUST HAVE: SPRING BUYS" blog which I hope to do soon!

I kept thinking of my trip to Dublin over summer with my two friends, it got me so excited! These pictures make me so excited for school to finish, to be exam/revision free, and to be living in a caress world for a whole three months!


(My own picnic from last summer!)

(My friend bought me this yesterday, isn't it the cutest thing!? I can't wait to fill it with freshly made lemonade for summer picnics on the trains!)

(Selection of wines from my friends garage last summer)

(I really want a daisy chain headband!)

(Oh and I want to dye my hair pink this summer! My mother however, does not approve! :[)

(The Swans last summer!)

(And Allison and I last summer, my hair was so undyed..crycry.)

Now it is officially Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day Mummy! <3
You and I don't get along that well, but when we do, it is special. Have a wonderful day! I love you.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Chase your dreams...

I don't know if I dream too big. Is that possible? 

I want to live in New York, I want a shabby small apartment out of town, I want the sun to rise from the bedroom every morning. I want it to look like this on the outside: 

I want my bedroom to look like this: 

I want for Starbucks to be just across the block from my home

My mother always tells me "There is realistic dreaming, then there is how you dream.." I dream so big, sometimes, I think if I continue to dream as big as I do, life won't be as valued.. I dream of New York everyday, my mother said to me "I do believe you will go to New York someday, but I think you will be let down. You have this idea of how amazing it will be, and I advise you to stop, you expect much too much from it" I hope she is wrong...

When I first move to New York, I want to work in a corner store, selling Lucky Charms and Hersey bars left right and centre. 

While working there, I want to study make-up and finally get a job at the Benefit counter in Macy's..

All of this is here now, because I believe. I have hope. I dream of this everyday. I have aspirations and goals and I want to achieve them..

And hopefully, someday, I will.

Chase your dreams....

February through Instagram..

This is in my friends Bedroom.

My friend and I are too funny.

Was so proud of Adele, people say I look like her? Hmmm.

My Brother turned 10!

£150 to spend in Topshop.. Not! It was for a limo.. Sadtimes.

Tesco had a Ben & Jerrys offer on!

Mmmmm. Nothing beats late night McDonalds.

O'Briens have the best selection of deserts!

Tea is my favourite drink. Ever.

My two babies. I plan to use them more often now that I am a blogger!

I became a Temple Run addict...

My friend Jadene and I in school.

A very blury photo of my friends and I at a friends birthday party.

Yeah, So it was a cold morning, my friend and I decided to go to town for Starbucks instead of going to school! Yes, we are bad.

My friend got Cola Cubes for Christmas and she took this photo.

Los Angeles bruvaaa.

Nando's.. A.K.A my obsession. Double Chicken Burger, Medium spiced, with chips and Peri Peri sauce. MMM!

Took this on my lunch out of school, I thought it looked very pretty, especially for typical Northern Irish weather!

I purposely made this photo small. My English books for school. How I despise English Literature. It should just die.

£10 for lunch. It was well worth it. Triple Decker Toasted Sandwich, Diet Coke and A Caramel 'Triangle'.

My brother's Birthday cake.

Unfortunately, February saw a little girl I knew, named Ellie, pass away in her sleep. She was only four years old. It was such a horrible thing to happen and to such an amazing little girl. We made her a memory box, with messages of condolences for her twin sister, her two older sisters, her younger sister, her expectant sibling, and her mum and dad. RIP Ellie Sweetheart.. <3

February caused me to become OBSESSED with Benefit. After getting my formal make-up done there, I fell in love..

I know, I know, she is adorable.. Meet Cookie.. :)

Yeah, I make wishes at 11:11 :)

It was my friend Danielle's birthday, so my friend Allison and I made her this box and filled it with things :)

I paid £18 for these.. I could have done them better myself! Although I was happy with them at the time.

MY BABY'S. Absolutely adore these 3 products, Benefit High Beam and Hoola Powder have also been added to the collection!

My Friends and I at our formal!
(Danielle, Rachael, Hayley, Myself, Alex and Allison)

I met Jessie J in April of 2011. She was a-maz-ing. I adore her.

At the beginning of March, I opened my fortune cookie, this is what it said..
OoOoOoOo! I wonder what March beholds for me!

Thanks for viewing my first ever post! Feel free to comment with a question or feedback and I'll get back to you :}

-The monthly IG photo post was actually stolen from her blog is fantastic, check it out :)